We generally have the BEST prices on lighting…

You might think that a full service lighting store would have premium prices, but ours are competitive or better priced than big box or internet stores.  It’s because  in most cases, we discount the manufacturer’s IMAP (Internet Minimum Advertised Price)  in our stores.

Prepare for your showroom visit:

Having the right information will save you a lot of time in the selection process…

• Know your ceiling heights.

    Knowing the height of your ceiling is critical to selecting the right sized lighting fixture for any room.

•Know the room sizes.

   Having room sizes available will help with determining the right amount of light as well as the size of the fixture.

•Take pictures of your rooms.

   Before you come in, snap pictures of the room(s) If it’s new construction, bring your floor plans.

•Bring color samples.

   While not necessary in all cases, it can definitely help in the selection process.

The Lite House: 2 Showrooms In Columbia SC

3521 Bush River Rd. 

Columbia, SC 29210

3521 Bush River Rd. 

Tel (803) 798-5400       

Opened March 1973 

Store Hours:

Monday – Friday 9:000am - 6:00pm 

Tuesdays 'til 7:00pm

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